Our Approach To Staging Your Home

Our ultimate goal is to make a buyer  fall in love with your home and have to live there:

  • We first eliminate buyer turn-offs such as clutter, dirtiness, repairs and updates needed, and smells, among other things
  • We then assess the style of the home  as well as the likely target buyer demographic
  • We portray a lifestyle to them that they aspire to, through the use of just the right furniture and accessories, using what you have, or through rented or purchased furniture and decorative accessories
  • We don’t cast a wide net hoping to attract any buyer
  • Through our staging, we position your home as a product that needs to be marketed just like any other product
  • We make your house feel like a home; we don’t skimp on furniture or accessories and we pay close attention to details
  • We want to sell or rent your home for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time