Do you rent or own your furniture used in home staging?

CKD owns all its own furniture. We carefully select furnishings specifically for your property from a wide selection of existing inventory. This allows us the flexibility to stage with  the most up-to-date colors and styles.

What Are Your Payment Terms ?

Our staging contract is a 30 day initial agreement. This includes all furniture rental, including labor for the Installation and Take down.

A 50% deposit is due upon signing of the contract and remaining full balance is due on the day of installation prior to unloading of any furniture.

Credit Cards are accepted along with a 3% surcharge.

The Average cost of Staging is between $3000 and $5000. (The size and condition of the home as well as the geographical area will determine the cost.)

Who does the actual staging set-up?

CKD is a hands-on staging company. We  give each property our utmost attention and the time it requires to leave a lasting impression.

We’ve got years of experience and we love what we do.

Can you do a staging with pets living in the property?

We so love our own pets  but we have learned from experience that we lose more than we gain when we install new furniture into a pets domain. They are not happy about it and usually let us know in their own special ways. Sorry.

The Homeowners are going to be living in the house during the sales process... can you help us ?

Unfortunately No.

I am so sorry but we find that working in an owner occupied space is not the best for either us or the home owner.